Indian ‘wordless’ picture books that speak to us

Picture books bring a sense of empowerment but there is something so beautifully powerful and almost ethereal about wordless picture books.The wordless books have a way of speaking to us,healing us even.
Wordless picture books are also a fantastic way to strengthen communication skills among the little ones but most importantly wordless picture books are such a teriific way to build vocabulary,listening skills and comprehension.
Wordless picture books have touched us in ways more than one BUT here are (current )our most favorite 3 :
Snip by Canato Jimo
This book is an ode to a brother sister relationship.We love how beautifully and seamlessly the pictures flow all the while evoking laughter,joy and many sweet emotions.
Dugga by Rajiv Eipe
The resilience of an individual(here a dog) along with the power of a community can create sweet miracles.A heart warming read for the young,old and anyone in between.
Ammamma’s Sari by Niveditha Subramaniam
Honest visuals that make you time travel a bit to your own childhood.You can small the smells and hear  the sounds  and the nostalgia wraps you in a warm embrace.

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