7 Parenting tips – every parent needs hear

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As a parent whether new or a decade old,it really doesn’t matter as advice pours from every direction and it is a constant.
We asked a bunch of mums who are new on the block or have been a mom for decades for some of the best advice they have been offered,and they shared some really heartwarming ones.
We have compiled them for you here.Go on,sit down with your cuppa,take a few breaths and read on.
Ask for help
Always always always.Ask for help,and when help comes knocking at your door – welcome it with your sleepless tired eyes and arms.
Trust your instinct
You know it mumma,you always did.Trust yourself,you got this.
Read to your little one – every single day
Reading to children has many known benefits like it exercises the brain,improves literacy but our favourite is that literature has a way of helping you experience a situation without really having to. It is such a beautiful way to bond with the child too.
Find nature,find joy
Go searching for the skies,stars,the oceans and the mountains and take your children with you.
Print the pictures
Go on,print them out.Once in a while pull out the books of photographs and sit down under the stars and  marvel at how fast they grow.
Tell them how much you love them
Tell them loud,and whisper softly into their ears at night.
Let it go
This is probably the toughest thing you will learn as a mother.Life will give you many times to practice letting go and you better use the opportunities,for one day you will have to let go.
Live in the now,sneak in her sweet smell,hold them tight, now.

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